We Remove Your Ex From Your Photos

Your ex isn’t part of your life, we can make sure they aren’t part of your photos too.
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How It Works

Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo and let us know who you would like removed, then place your order.

Our Expert Designers Get To Work

Once we receive your order our expert photoshop designers begin working their magic.

We Send You Your Edited Photo

Once the work is completed we will email you your new edited photo. We aim to deliver orders within 48 hours.


Is this for real?
Yeah, this is legit, isn’t the internet wonderful?

But why?
People may have very good reasons for wanting to remove their ex from photos, perhaps they want it for their social media or dating profiles, have a warped sense of humour, or they may even find it helps them to move on from a relationship.

Whatever the reason may be, we aren’t here to judge, we’re here to Photoshop, so have you got a pic for us to edit or what?

How much does this cost?
You can kiss goodbye to your ex from £6.99 per photo.

Can you edit any photo?
We will do our best! Occasionally we receive photos that are too complicated to work on without compromising quality.

In these instances we’ll issue you with a full refund.

How long does it take?
We aim to have your new edited pic back to you within 48 hours.

Can you remove my ex in real life?
No, sorry we only do photos! We might know a guy though…

Do you offer any other services?
Yes, we can provide photo editing services such as photo restoration or colourisation on our sister site PhotoRepairer.com







What People Are Saying

I got this for my friend who had recently broken up with an awful ex. She found it hilarious, it really cheered them up and made their day!

Grace – Hampshire

I have a photo of my two gorgeous sons from when they were little, unfortunately my ex-husband is also in the photo. So this would be really useful!

Hannah – Surrey